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BART Service Span Infographic

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Cedar Makhijani

One of the ideas that Fern Hahn and I have had for our YouTube channel Transit Plant is trying to stay in the BART paid area for as long as possible, meaning we'd have to start the day on the very first train at the first station-stop and end at the last, riding a bunch of trains in between.

BART offers timetables for each service in each direction in PDF form on their website, but offers no summary view of the entire system. I don't blame them for this, it's not particularly useful to your average commuter, but it made our planning ever so slightly more difficult, so I decided to throw together some graphics showing the service span for each line for a weekday.

BART Service Span Diagram shows the hours each line-direction is in service.


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What I'm listening to (3/23)

Frank Sinatra, ODESZA, BADBADNOTGOOD, Yo La Tengo, Nat "King" Cole, Paul Simon, Jimi Hendrix and Phoebe Bridgers, to name a few. Also The Power Broker and Reply All.

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